25 Valentines Day Cocktail Recipes

Valentines Day Cocktail RecipesGirl, have we got the perfect list of Valentines day cocktail recipes to add a little extra spice to your special day.

We love the adorable names for these delicious, taste like more drinks.  What really matters is that whoever drink it, must enjoy it! And what a novelty that it comes with a quirky name like the “The Pink Lady”.

The important part  is that whoever drink it, must enjoy it! But it is  a novelty that it comes with  quirky names  like the “The Pink Lady”. We just had to share these cocktail recipes with you.

 26 Valentines Day Cocktail Recipes

  1. The Pink Lady is another old pink classic featuring applejack and egg.
  2. The Strawberry Blond has a couple of variations: pick the champagne one for Valentine’s Day.
  3. The Lady Killer undoubtedly sounds like a Valentine’s Day drink. Sugary and pink.
  4. The Phoebe Snow  is a mix of cognac, Dubonnet and just a touch of absinthe (yikes). Just explaining it sounds terribly romantic!
  5. The Azteca comes with mocha and a dash of orange plus the faithful tequila.  A recipe for any delightful evening!
  6. The Chocolate Cherry Cha Cha  uses Cascal Ripe Rouge fermented soda with chocolate vodka and coconut rum to reproduce the flavor of a chocolate covered cherry. Plus, it’s a gorgeous bright red.
  7. Pomegranate Martini , always an overall great choice for any holiday. It’s a little pinkish, like the Cosmopolitan, which is time and again a choice that just works.
  8. The Love Bite is a shooter – orange, cherry and cream.
  9. The Scarlett O’Hara is such a romantic name with a Southern Comfort. A really tasty combination.
  10. The Xaviera looks a bit like coffee, but there’s plenty of alcohol and absolutely no coffee in it.
  11. Hazel’s Wonder is a hazelnut, Kahlua, Bailey’s orgy. Gloriously rich and charming.
  12. The Desert Shield is a mix of vodka and cranberry liqueur, so for any Vodka Cranberry lover, it’s got that extra special Valentine kick.
  13. The Kir Royale, such a wonderful choice for any champagne lover.
  14. For a more gothic cocktail, the Garnet Crow – is deliciously dark, mysterious and oh so sexy.
  15. The Honolulu Lulu is another pinky and it’s all alcohol.
  16. The Betsie Temple is a must try for the rum lover and have a orange and pink appearance.
  17. Neither sweet or pink, the legend behind absinthe makes the Absinthe Suissesse  a slightly dangerous and naughty choice for a valentine.
  18. Strawberry Sunrise is a gorgeous red strawberry-liqueur cocktail that’s sweet like a dessert.
  19. If you prefer a more candy ‘tini”  this Laffy Taffy is one enormously enjoyable pink cocktail.
  20. The Cafe D’Amour is a coffee -ish drink for light drinkers.
  21. The  Cherry Bomb is a shooter for the seriously light drinkers.
  22. Try the sweet deliciousness, White Flag or B52 – layered shooters for the big people.
  23. The Vanilla Cream is white & creamy, and an oh so sexy Valentine’s drink.
  24. The Pacifist might not be red, but it is undeniably tasty.
  25. Romance is a candy ‘tini with Kahlua, Bailey’s, Creme de Cacao and cream. Add a little shaved chocolate on top and with a bit of attention to how you present it and you’ll receive a big“wow!





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