The Best Sparkling Wine for Your Wedding Doesn’t Have To Be Champagne!

It use to be that choosing a champagne for a wedding event function was a piece of cake. There was little selection compare to nowadays.

Best Sparkling Wine for your Wedding“Years ago, every little thing was French,” points out Michael Cammarano, general supervisor at The Manor in West Orange, where he has actually supervised the famously considerable wine checklist for many years. “It was only a question of  the size of your wallet “.

Today, wedding celebration planners provide a seemingly boundless selection of sparkling wines to match all spending plans.

Now the question is, do you wish to go sweet or do you wish to go completely dry?

There are even a range of colors to select from, starting with a significantly broad variety of shimmering rose. Some bridal couples are jazzing up their bubbly by including colored liqueurs such as Chambord (red) and Curacao (blue) to match the blossoms, bridesmaids’ gowns or various other color scheme. And the addition of a liqueur can sometimes make for a tastier drink.

Best Sparkling Wine for Wedding Since wedding events are normally big, the costs of French champagne is just not a possibility for the young hosts who much rather prefer to serve bubbly throughout the celebrations instead of just at the speeches and toasts. More bang for your buck!

Naughty Girl Sparkling Wine offers the light pink Rose, or the Nude that are both sweeter options while Sahara is for the dry sparkling wine lover.

What a perfect way to start the new husband and wife  journey together! A little flirty, fun and affordable, Naughty Girl Sparkling Wine is proof that the best sparkling wine for your wedding doesn’t have to come at a price!


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